Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How do i get backlinks which are of high quality

There are many ways of creating backlinks but some of them are more effective than others one of them is to create a youtube video and add your link to it. Yet another effective way would be to make a profile on some of the blogs that allow you to write guest blog posts and inside that blog post you can include your backlink along with your anchor text. This will really help you in ranking above all your compatitors when to come to SEO and other things realted to SEO. Some people also use certain other methods to get backlinks, these methods include writing articles for some article directories and including backlinks inside these articles and use the anchor text for which you want to be ranked for. This will tell google that the text inside your page is written by some one who is expert on that field. How do i get backlinks is the page where you can find all the details of the methods being used by webmasters all over the world to create backlinks which can help them rank high for certain keywords. How do i get backlinks.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

How to create frames in html

Creating frames in html is one of the biggest things that html can offer. You can open a whole website inside your webpage. One of the biggest benefits of frames in html is that you can create multiple features in your webpage. For example if you want to open a youtube video on your own website you can easily do it by creating a frame inside html. So the question that comes to one's mind is " How to create frames in html ". This involves a simple process and this simple process is that you can use <frame> tag inside html page and create a full frame.

There is also another option of creating a <iframes> inside html . Actually iframe is much more convenient than simple frames in html. The benefit is iframe is that you can open a whole website inside a webpage and that frame can be placed at any position on your webpage. Therefore my advice is to create an iframe inside html page instead of having a frame.
html frames

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Why should you declare doctype

When you are creating a website,  Declaring doctype is one of the first thins you write on you html-page. It should be noted that there are both advantages and disadvantages of declaring a doctype.
  If you dont declare your doctype your browser will go in quirks mode and it will start interpreting your page in the manner of old browsers, which was problematic because every browser in olden days use to have their own way of showing html and css code.

The biggest difference between the quirks mode and standards mode is that in quirks mode the browser considers the the border and padding to be the part of original length and width but now a days it has been clarified by the css standards that browsers will  interpret css border and padding to be seperate from the real width and length of the div or a picture.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How to create a website using html and css

Creating a website has been a dream of every other person. but there are only few who have been able to realize this dream because of the duanting nature of the task. Its not just a huge task but there are time during the process of website creation when one feels really depressed and wants to through away his computer. But dont do it because your luck is about to change here is this blog we will be offering some really useful tips on website creation which will bring a unique change in your approach to learning the art of website creation...In addition to that we will also be teaching you some techniques of Learning Html and css which will enable you to create high quality webpages of dynamic outlooks and interactive interface..

Monday, June 20, 2011

HTML and CSS for SEO's

SEO is undoubtedly about the quality of your content. If you provide quality content to your visitors your will rank higher in search engines whether your HTML and CSS coding is correct or not. What really matters is your end result. If your website renders fine to your visitor then you are safe with Google. 

But its not this simple, Google does consider bounce rate of your visitors while ranking your website and it has been seen that bounce rate is pretty low if you are not using valid html, because the outlook of your website does tell the visitor whether you are professional in your field or not. So, it very important to learn html.  And its even more important to learn css so that you can create your own pagelayouts using div tag . This benefit you as you will gain trust of your visitors

Sunday, June 19, 2011 Three ..SEO "Don'ts" Three ..SEO "Don'ts": "1) Learn to distinguish between 'nofollow' and 'dofollow' links. The nofollow links are those which is totally ignored by search engines a..."

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Three ..SEO "Don'ts"

1)   Learn to distinguish between 'nofollow' and 'dofollow' links. The nofollow links are those which is totally ignored by search engines as far as ranking is concerned. On the other hand 'dofollow' links increase the number of backlinks for your site and affect your ranking in search engines. Major website and forums such as , facebook , wikipedia and twitter provide only 'nofollow' links. So as far as SEO is concerned they are not very useful (however there are other ways to use these sites for increasing traffic).  If you want to find out the sites which allow 'dofollow' links' use 'dofollow' add-on of firefox.

2) Do not place your link at wrong sites ...For example if you own a website about dogs and you are having a backlink from a website that talks about computers then it will only worsen your ranking for dog related keywords. Some people buy backlinks from websites that have high pagerank while ignoring the factor that the website they are trying to get linked to does not belong to niche..This only confuses search engines and they cant figure out the niche of your website properly.

3) Update regularly.....You should keep updating your website regularly...If you don't update it google bot will not visit it as often as it should.


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3 unique SEO tips for New webmasters

So here are the tips 
1 - Once you decide on your keywords, only then should you start thinking about getting a domain because almost 90% of the web-masters think that your targeted keywords must be included in your domain name. (If you don't believe it Google some keywords and you will find out if all other factors are kept constant Google will rank a site higher if its domain includes the searched keywords.

2- Try to separate each each word of your domain with "-" . This really helps a lot because that way search engines will easily be able to figure out the words that are included in domain. for example   Instead of     you should use

3- Place your content as high on your page as possible. By this i mean that your sidebars should be below your content instead of being above the content can do this by using div tag (Learn about div tag here ) and you can also do it absolute positioning method described here (although these instructions are for images but positioning method applies elsewhere as well)

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