Saturday, June 18, 2011

Three ..SEO "Don'ts"

1)   Learn to distinguish between 'nofollow' and 'dofollow' links. The nofollow links are those which is totally ignored by search engines as far as ranking is concerned. On the other hand 'dofollow' links increase the number of backlinks for your site and affect your ranking in search engines. Major website and forums such as , facebook , wikipedia and twitter provide only 'nofollow' links. So as far as SEO is concerned they are not very useful (however there are other ways to use these sites for increasing traffic).  If you want to find out the sites which allow 'dofollow' links' use 'dofollow' add-on of firefox.

2) Do not place your link at wrong sites ...For example if you own a website about dogs and you are having a backlink from a website that talks about computers then it will only worsen your ranking for dog related keywords. Some people buy backlinks from websites that have high pagerank while ignoring the factor that the website they are trying to get linked to does not belong to niche..This only confuses search engines and they cant figure out the niche of your website properly.

3) Update regularly.....You should keep updating your website regularly...If you don't update it google bot will not visit it as often as it should.


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