Saturday, June 18, 2011

3 unique SEO tips for New webmasters

So here are the tips 
1 - Once you decide on your keywords, only then should you start thinking about getting a domain because almost 90% of the web-masters think that your targeted keywords must be included in your domain name. (If you don't believe it Google some keywords and you will find out if all other factors are kept constant Google will rank a site higher if its domain includes the searched keywords.

2- Try to separate each each word of your domain with "-" . This really helps a lot because that way search engines will easily be able to figure out the words that are included in domain. for example   Instead of     you should use

3- Place your content as high on your page as possible. By this i mean that your sidebars should be below your content instead of being above the content can do this by using div tag (Learn about div tag here ) and you can also do it absolute positioning method described here (although these instructions are for images but positioning method applies elsewhere as well)

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