Sunday, September 11, 2011

How to create frames in html

Creating frames in html is one of the biggest things that html can offer. You can open a whole website inside your webpage. One of the biggest benefits of frames in html is that you can create multiple features in your webpage. For example if you want to open a youtube video on your own website you can easily do it by creating a frame inside html. So the question that comes to one's mind is " How to create frames in html ". This involves a simple process and this simple process is that you can use <frame> tag inside html page and create a full frame.

There is also another option of creating a <iframes> inside html . Actually iframe is much more convenient than simple frames in html. The benefit is iframe is that you can open a whole website inside a webpage and that frame can be placed at any position on your webpage. Therefore my advice is to create an iframe inside html page instead of having a frame.
html frames

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